13 April 2024

The purpose of the event - to give young and professional masters the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, and the audience to get better acquainted with spa massage techniques and expand their knowledge in the field of health procedures.
"The 2024 INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP is supported by the WMC, a collective of international leaders in massage therapy. (The WMC Council seeks to promote, support and raise the profile of international massage competitions through carefully designed formats, the selection of judges and the positioning of the competition in the educational and professional system. Through the Council's work and advocacy, we aim to change international standards of massage practice, education and quality assurance. As a global organisation, we celebrate equality, variety and inclusion recognise professionalism in both our personal work and in the competitions we organise.) Every participant with a massage qualification will receive a gift WMC membership to help them expand their work opportunities as a massage therapist, being part of the WMC is a great recognition for everyone.


Massage therapists with less than 1 year of professional experience or massage students. Massage therapists with hearing and visual impairments.

Classical medical body massage. Massage of different parts of the body can be demonstrated according to individual needs (spine, legs, shoulders, arms).
Duration – 30 min.

Medical massage practitioners who have been practising massage for more than 1 year. Medical massage therapists with hearing and visual impairments.

2 – WELLNESS (Healing massage)
Massage for the breathing system (pneumonia, bronchitis,
bronchial asthma….), inflammation of the spinal roots, segmental massage, massage for arterial hypertension, massage for joint disorders ( knee, hip, elbow joints), lymphatic drainage (when lymph nodes are removed), massage of the deep tissues, taping etc.
Duration – 45 min.

Massage therapists who have been practicing massage for more than 1 year. Massage therapists with hearing and visual impairments.

SPA facial massage, Japanese facial massage ( Kobido ), Gua Sha facial massage, lymphatic drainage facial massage, myostructural ( peroral ) facial massage etc.
Duration – 45 min.

Original massages. Massage styles from other countries not mentioned.
Duration – 45 min.

SPA-style massage, Lomi Lomi, bamboo sticks, aromatherapy, body sculpting, hot stone, massage with cups, sports massage, etc.
Duration: 45 min.


City Vilnius
Žirmunų g. 143
VESK – Verslo ir svetingumo profesinės karjeros centras
(Business and Hospitality Career Center)

1. The Championship is open to students, graduates of educational institutions or practising massage therapists / aestheticians / cosmetologists.
2. Registration is online at 2.
3. A participant who submits a copy of his/her disability documentation will participate in the Championship FREE OF CHARGE.
4. The appearance of the participants must comply with professional standards (hair should be neatly pinned up so as not to obscure the face, nails should be kept short and without a bright manicure, and make-up should be kept to a minimum).
5. Shoes must be closed. Comfortable sports or medical footwear is allowed.
6. Participants in the Championship are not allowed to:
7. a. wear jewellery on the neck, cleavage and arms,
b. wearing dangling earrings (except for „tacks”).
8. Participants will be given 15 minutes each to prepare, set up and
set-up and dismantling at the beginning and end of each round of the competition.
9. Each participant must have a model for their massage.
10. Male and female models over the age of 18 years who will not be exposed to any side effects (health risks) from the procedure.
11. The model in the „Facial Massage” nomination should be make-up free.
12. Shoes are not allowed during Thai yoga massage and similar massage styles.
13. The appearance of the model must comply with the aesthetic requirements of the Championship. The model’s skin condition should be free of skin diseases, skin tone, pigmentation, warts, inflammatory processes, etc. The model must not speak during the massage procedure. The responsibility for the choice of the model and his/her health lies with the participant.
14. All models must be dressed in such a way that only the area that is being massaged. Modesty of the model must be maintained at all times.
No nude poses are allowed.
15. All participants and their models may be filmed and/or photographed for marketing purposes and for use on social media platforms through
the Competition and in the future.
16. Participants must provide their own disposable clothing: panties, caps, etc., blankets, towels and all other accessories needed for their massage
17. It is up to the participant to choose the equipment and materials required for the nomination chosen. Each participant has the right to advertise his/her sponsors or employer by displaying a logo.
18. No chiropractic, osteopathic or joint manipulation techniques are allowed during overexertion.
19. All Participants must clean and tidy their work area and
dispose of all rubbish after each category of competition.

„Masažo namai” will provide a couch, a roller, a table, a chair for the nomination „Facial massage” for each of the participants of the championship (for the other participants, a chair upon request).

Disqualification and expulsion

Offences that may lead to the disqualification and exclusion of certain persons:

1. 1.Any massage of a sensual/sexual nature will result in immediate disqualification and expulsion from the Championship.

2.Serious safety violations of the participant’s safety rules, which could harm the health of the model.
3. Misconduct or actions detrimental to the interests of the Championship.
4.Being drunk or under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances or using them during the event.

Any competitor excluded or disqualified by the Arbitration Commission shall forfeit any right to Championship awards, no refund of fees will be made.

1 – Aesthetics, hygiene, massage culture.
a) Aesthetics – how the masseur looks. This includes clothing, footwear, hairstyle, make-up, jewellery.
b) Hygiene – to assess compliance with hygiene standards.
c) Massage culture – professional etiquette is valued. How does the massage therapist interact with the patient/client – is he/she attentive enough, empathetic enough.
2 – Ergonomics of the massage therapist ( The ergonomics of the massage therapist are assessed.)
a) Movement during work ( dynamic , static)?
b) What is the height of the massage couch ?
c) Are using their body weight enough and correctly?
3 – Patient/client ergonomics (assessing if the ergonomics of the patient/client are correct to achieve the goal).
4 – Flattering techniques. ( technique, variety of techniques, directions, depth, tempo.)
5 – Rubbing technique. ( technique, variety of techniques, directions, depth, tempo.)
6 – Kneading techniques. ( technique, variety of techniques, directions, depth, tempo.)
7 – Vibration techniques ( technique, variety of techniques, directions, depth, tempo.)
8 – The methodical consistency of massage technique combinations (sequence of techniques, pace, depth, direction coordination, taking into account the anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the client/patient).
9 – Name of the methodology, description of the methodology (The accuracy, clarity and clarity of the description of the methodology will be assessed. Are the massage techniques, sources and authorship of the methodologies used to achieve the objective stated?
10 – Theory-practice Matching – (Assessment of whether the massage performed is the same as the theoretical description of the technique? How accurately and correctly are the listed massage techniques, their combinations and methods performed, and are the massage directions and pace in line with the physiology?)
11 – Commercial attractiveness (Assessment of the real relevance and applicability of this massage methodology in life. Also, the completeness of the massage procedure, performance aesthetics, culture, the aesthetically professional appearance of the massage therapist, corresponding to the chosen massage category).
Maximum points: classical -100 points





Nomination  – YOUTH

I – Maria Gloria Lukša
II – Lina Vakulskienė
III – Karina Lydytė

Nomination  – WELLNESS (Healing massage)

I – Aleksandr Zubkevič
II – Laura Čepulytė
III – Albert Jukevič

Nomination  – FREE PROGRAMME

I – Kristina Vitkauskienė
II – Aram Muradyan
III – Aleksandr Zubkevič

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